In Honkai Star Rail, a character’s rarity doesn’t always equate to their effectiveness. Many 4-Star characters have abilities that rival or even surpass those of 5-Star characters, and their lower rarity makes it easier to obtain their Eidolons. Here are some top recommendations for the best Honkai Star Rail 4-Star characters that slot88 gamers should prioritize in their builds.

  1. Pela

Pela is an Ice Nihility character who excels in debuffing enemies. She can remove enemy buffs and apply debuffs, significantly reducing the DEF of all enemies simultaneously. Additionally, Pela provides a powerful Ice Weakness Break, making her an essential character for weakening foes.

  1. Tingyun

Tingyun is a Lightning Harmony character known for her ability to boost your main DPS to Hyper Carry levels. She grants damage buffs to party members through her Skills and serves as a battery to recharge your DPS energy with her Ultimate. Tingyun is highly flexible and fits well with all team compositions in Honkai Star Rail.

  1. Sampo

Sampo, a Wind Nihility character, is particularly useful in the early game. He is ideal for players who want to build a DoT (Damage over Time) team. His Ultimate increases damage dealt to enemies affected by DoT by 20%. Pairing Sampo with characters like Kafka can further amplify this damage.

  1. Lynx

Lynx, a Quantum Abundance character, serves as a healer. Besides restoring party members’ HP, Lynx can redirect enemy aggression towards characters with the Preservation or Destruction path through her Skill, protecting weaker teammates. Her Ultimate can also remove all debuffs from the team.

  1. Guinaifen

Guinaifen, a Fire Nihility character, specializes in Burn DoT effects. She can easily inflict Burn on enemies and trigger DoT effects with her Ultimate, increasing the damage enemies receive from Burn. This makes her an excellent choice for a Burn-focused team.

  1. Natasha

Natasha, a Physical Abundance character, is a dedicated healer available for free through the story. If you don’t have Lynx yet, Natasha is a great alternative. Her Skills allow her to heal individual party members, while her Ultimate heals all party members simultaneously.

  1. March 7th

March 7th is the first character you receive at the beginning of the game. As an Ice Preservation character, she provides excellent shielding for the team. Additionally, March can counterattack enemies that attack shielded allies, even if it’s not her turn.

  1. Xueyi

Xueyi, a Quantum Destruction character, excels as a DPS with Break Effect capabilities. He can deal damage regardless of the enemy’s Weakness Type, reduce enemy Toughness, and perform follow-up attacks, making him a versatile and powerful addition to any team.

Bonus: Gallagher

Gallagher, a Fire Abundance character, initially received mixed reviews but has become highly regarded since the introduction of the Super Break gimmick and the Firefly character. In a Super Break team, Gallagher shines by providing both healing and offensive capabilities, helping to reduce enemy Toughness and facilitate Break conditions.

These are some of the best Honkai Star Rail 4-Star characters that you should prioritize, especially in the early game when you may not have a complete roster of powerful characters. Many of these 4-Star characters remain relevant and effective even in the later stages of the game.

Many of the above 4-Star characters in Honkai Star Rail offer significant value and versatility, making them indispensable for building a strong and balanced team, especially in the early stages of the game. As you progress and acquire more powerful characters, these 4-Star heroes can continue to play crucial roles in your strategies due to their unique abilities and synergies.

Utilizing 4-Star Characters Effectively

To maximize the potential of these 4-Star characters, it’s essential to understand their synergies with other team members. For instance, pairing Sampo with characters like Kafka can enhance DoT effects, while combining Lynx’s healing abilities with strong DPS characters can ensure your team remains resilient in challenging battles.

Flexibility in Team Compositions

One of the strengths of these 4-Star characters is their flexibility. Characters like Tingyun and Natasha can fit into various team compositions, providing buffs, healing, and support as needed. This flexibility allows you to adapt your team to different challenges and enemy types you encounter in the game.

Strategic Deployment

Understanding when and how to deploy these characters is crucial. For example, using Pela’s debuffs at the right moment can turn the tide of a battle by weakening strong enemies, while March 7th’s shielding abilities can protect vulnerable teammates during critical moments.

Future Potential

As Honkai Star Rail continues to evolve, these 4-Star characters may receive updates and improvements, further enhancing their viability and effectiveness. Keeping an eye on game updates and community discussions can help you stay informed about any changes that could impact these characters.


In summary, Honkai Star Rail’s 4-Star characters offer a wealth of potential for both new and experienced players. Characters like Pela, Tingyun, Sampo, Lynx, Guinaifen, Natasha, March 7th, Xueyi, and Gallagher provide a range of abilities that can significantly enhance your team’s performance. By understanding their strengths and how to synergize them with other characters, you can build a formidable team capable of tackling the game’s toughest challenges.

Prioritizing the development and utilization of these characters can give you a strong foundation, allowing you to progress smoothly through the game while enjoying the diverse and dynamic gameplay that Honkai Star Rail offers. Whether you are just starting out or looking to optimize your existing team, these 4-Star characters are well worth the investment.