Solo Female Travel in Latin America – Safety Tips For Women

by Dora

An usual concern seen on lots of traveling forums is “just how secure is it to travel to X (one on the Latin American countries) as a solo women traveller?” It is fully reasonable why taking a trip alone to Latin America can appear an intimidating prospect, especially if you are a lady. Nonetheless, ladies who have currently been to this region of the world recognize there is no requirement to upload this sort of inquiry. Every one of the nations in Central and South America are normally secure to go to as a solo female visitor. There are, however, some areas that posture a risk as well as these must be stayed clear of.

A lot of the huge cities in Latin America have areas that aren’t particularly desirable and also you need to adhere to the major traveler or contemporary components of these cities if you see them. This consists of all of the significant cities in Central America (i.e. Belize City, Guatemala City, Managua, Mexico City, Panama City, San Jose, San Salvador as well as Tegucigalpa). There are likewise certain parts of South American cities that should be prevented such as Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, as well as Sao Paulo in Brazil, and Caracas in Venezuela. As with the big cities in Central America, adhere to the touristy locations as well as you’ll be fine. You must additionally take care when seeing specific areas of specific countries such as in Colombia and also Venezuela. For example, it isn’t a great suggestion to hang around the boundary regions of Colombia or travel to rare, off the beaten track destinations. Although Colombia as well as Venezuela get some criticism they are both relatively safe to visit if you adhere to the top vacationer locations discussed in reputable traveling guides. If someplace is mentioned in a trustworthy guidebook, it is almost certainly safe to visit.

This brings about an important factor in the discussion. It is very easy to get paranoid concerning seeing specific countries and cities but this is totally baseless. Remember, it’s just certain components of these nations as well as cities that are best stayed clear of, equally as particular components of cities in Europe or North America are best stayed clear of. As a matter of fact, circumnavigating a lot of Latin America is much safer, and extra pleasant, than circumnavigating lots of parts of Europe or North America. Additionally, as Susan Griffith rightly points out in ‘Travelling Solo as a Woman in Asia’ “there is a pernicious mythology bordering the only female tourist, whether it be as a hitchhiker around Britain or a tourist in Southeast Asia. Many people instantaneously overemphasize the risks and also emphasize a solitary woman’s susceptability. Typically this doom-ridden feedback is just a reason for their very own timidity of spirit.” Don’t get paranoid: the countries of Latin America are no more unsafe than lots of other nations in this globe, and in reality you are more likely to come across troubles in some European countries or North American states.

Referring back to the classic inquiry seen on traveling discussion forums (i.e. just how safe is it to travel to X as a solo female visitor) it is worth discussing the duties as well as abilities of the person. Safety is inherently linked to knowledge as well as experience. Whenever intending a journey to Latin America or anywhere else on the planet, it is absolutely crucial you do your research. Attempt and also figure out as much information as you can about the country or nations you wish to go to. Travel overviews such as those created by Lonely Planet as well as Footprint will aid you determine which places you want to visit as well as those you could desire or should prevent.

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