Elevate Your Space with Split Face Tiles

by Dora

When aiming to infuse character into a room, the significance of texture cannot be overstated. Picture a room devoid of texture, with only smooth, flat surfaces—it lacks excitement, doesn’t it? That’s precisely where our collection of Split Face Tiles steps in.

What are Split Face Tiles?

For those unfamiliar with the term split face tiles or sometimes referred to as split face tiles cladding mosaic—they consist of strips of a particular material cut to varying widths, heights, and thicknesses. These strips are strategically arranged to form a staggered, multi-levelled surface. Our Split Face Tiles, crafted from natural slate, effortlessly introduce a sophisticated and stylish look to any interior space.

Create a Feature Wall

If your space lacks character, a feature wall is an excellent solution to add that ‘wow’ factor. A feature wall serves as a captivating focal point, instantly catching the eye of guests upon entering the room. Enter Split Face Tiles—an ideal choice for crafting a stunning feature wall. Take inspiration from bedroom project or open-plan kitchen/diner area where the slate’s darkness contrasts beautifully with white-washed walls.

Accent Lighting: Bring Your Split Face Tiles to Life!

To accentuate the texture of your Split Face Tiles, consider incorporating accent lighting. Angle a lamp or strip-light toward the tiles to illuminate their staggered, eye

catching design, transforming them into a room-stealing focal point. Helen, for example, used pink strip lights to enhance the details of her split face mosaics in the bathroom.

Out and About

If the split face tiles design seems familiar, it’s because it’s making waves in some of the trendiest establishments. Across the UK, split face tiles are gracing the interiors of fashionable hotels, restaurants, and bars, making it a fantastic choice for bringing a touch of chic decor into your home.

Bring a Fireplace to Life

Revitalize a dull fireplace with Split Face Tiles, providing a striking backdrop. James, for instance, transformed the void surrounding his wood burner with striking, staggered slate split face tiles, adding a beautiful rustic finish.

Frame Your TV!

As TV screens grow larger, integrate them seamlessly into your decor by fixing them to the centre of a feature wall framed with Split Face Tiles. Lynne’s living room is a stunning example of how this can be done, turning the TV into a focal point within the overall scheme.

Fill Bathroom Recesses with Split Face Tiles

Transform bathroom recess shelving into eye-catching focal points by lining them with Split Face Tiles. When set against plain white walls, these tiles turn recesses into accent points that draw the eye.

Incorporate textured Split Face Tiles to breathe life into your home. Explore our Slate Split Face Tiles range, and order free full-size sample tiles with complimentary delivery.



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